With the start of a new year, this one stands out more than most for a long time. But as it approached I didn’t give it much of my attention. Then suddenly it is here, 20/20, and I find myself in at the place in my life I have always been. It is a question I have never known or what to answer.  What do I want be . . . . . when I grow up . . . . . what is my dream about me . . . .. about life? I have never had a dream come to mind or I could see or think about until now.  With the end of the last day of this year, this sunset  beyond the stormy days is on fire with the promise of new life.  I have not only a dream, but the knowing of real life for the first time.




At church last week there came this discussion of the new year with the numbers 20/20.  Some wanted to consider all the possible great promises of life that God will bring.  At the other end the year all the fears that this horrible life might bring.  A pretty typical conversation at the new year,   But for me and the first time in my life came the answer.

With the numbers came a word — “Vision.”  In other words  20/20 vision.  Almost instantly I knew these words were more than just the normal words.  I knew they were from the Lord for me.  So now I sit with my  Lord in silence in this meadow, wait and ponder Him.

He is my dream, my life.  A clearing of my vision of Life that I have ever known.  A 20/20 vision of me, my Lord and His Kingdom.  I am apart of eternal life. Christ in me and me in Christ.


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For the first time in human history, an Image of Earth was shared around the Globe.

Taken by the first time by any human, off planet in space from the moon no less. This event was happening on Christmas from the 1968 Apollo 8 Mission. The first man mission into space beyond orbital flights of Earth. Man was truly leaving Earth- All he has ever known.

This link is my account after seeing this image.


Here is that image.

                  Earth Rise from the Moon!

the fist time

The Apollo 8 crew and ground control realizing the calendar season, began to think that perhaps the flight crew might share a Christmas message from space.

As they pondered the message, in the end the message was  “From the Beginning.”  So when it came time to share the message we heard these words– “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. …. ” And continued the creation account from Genesis.

As I pondered the image and words, letting them sink in- I began a journey to the very depths of my being and space. A journey only my Lord could take me on.

As Christmas approached, the world around me has traveled so far from  my Father’s message. The message is often lost to the masses of humanity.  I have most often look at Christmas from my Christian point of view.  So when I was that little boy,  My first question to my best friend was, “What did you get for Christmas?  With no thought of God or His son other than a funny story I learned in church.

Suddenly My Father opened my eyes to the reality of Christmas from Their point of view.  I am suddenly stopped still, speechless.  All I can muster is. “Speak Father.”

This not a story.  It is an account of my time with my Father and Lord this Christmas.

I look at this image.  Surrounded by an endless sea of black with only the surface of the moon beneath me — I see this beautiful blue ball. My Father shows me that this is the total of my life as I know it. This blue ball is the total existence of my kind and my Creator.

He has lifted me in this spaceship with my companions to the moon only to turn us around to see what My Father and Lord see, from even before man’s beginning. They have been watching over us, from our beginning.  Thousands of years separated, from our Father and Lord.

I am getting my first glimpse of Christmas, the place that my Lord came to  this blue ball just like me. I see what They see, and for the first time in my life, I see the complete picture of Christmas.  My view and my Father and Sons view. I know for the first time the truth and reality of, I am in Him, He is in me, and with Him in His Kingdom.

How do I know that all of this is  real? Because a short time ago My Lord came to me and said to me —

“In your world, (pointing to me )Parkinson’s is just another word for living. I my world (pointing to Himself.)  The word Parkinson’s doesn’t exist. Then turning back to and pointing to me He said, and you are not sick.”  My realization?  I am a spirit like my Father and His Son.  I am eternal and alive!

This seventy two year old form is kept only by the breath of my Lord.  It has been judged and in a short time will turn to ashes and the dust from which it came.

So with the Son’s coming some two thousand year ago, we were given a gift.  And thirty some years time for us to get to know Him.  The reality of His gift, my Father’s love and forgiveness, breathing new life into me by His Spirit, making me a new creation.

By my believing I have become reconciled to Them. The full meaning of Christmas shown me this year. It is His entrance into my world to one day be in His.

“Joy to the world and peace on earth”



I have been found by Someone I could not in my wildest imagination ever dreamed.

I am like most any seventy one year old in America.  First generation of Baby-boomers.  My earliest memories are setting in my Grandfathers lap.  That was just after a year and a half of WWII.   Most of my earliest memories  where stories of the “War”.  Cowboys and Indians and cops and robbers. My dad was in the Army as a medical lab tec.   I did not know of TV or telephone.  So we moved a lot.

I lived in France for three years as a young teenager and a world I had never heard of or seen.  It was the early years of the cold war, which I had no idea what that was.   It seemed to be about good and evil. Then came the Korean war, the Cold War and the Cuban Crisis and finally the Vietnam War.

All along I was being raised in a Presbyterian family wondering who are Catholics and Protests were and what is all this religion thing about God and Jesus saving the world?  I became very angry.  What the church was teaching me and the world around me, was not the same.  I came to believe I had been lied to about this world and life I was in.  So for the next twenty years I continually ran away in one way or another. Then one day in January of my thirty eight year I encountered  my God, My Creator.  He revealed Himself to me and in me.

From that day to this I continue to grow in just how much He loves me and all of mankind.  How ” All of creation declares His Glory without speaking a word.”  One day I picked up a camera and started  to capture images of the natural world around me I have come to know just how little I know Him.

One of the greatest freedoms I have come  to know is a growing  freedom from fear.  For He cares for me. Provides and protects me.  Even beyond this world of death in and around me.

The image above is a composition of some of my moments.  The back ground is the clouds of South Park taken last year.  The Bird feeding out of my hand from our last camping trip two weeks ago.  While the bird on the right is borrowed.  It is the image from Matthew  when Jesus tells us just how much we mean to Him.  And “Do not worry about my life here.  But seek first the resign and rule of His kingdom.  And as He tells me I now live with Father and Son in His Kingdom and that kingdom is in you and me  know.

So as evil makes more and more noise in every way I see and hear, There is more and more knowing of My Creator, my Jesus. Whether He is feeding a bird or holding a fallen sparrow,  Whom  should I fear?






The theme of my photo web site as you may know has always been for people to slow down and realize our Father and Son, our creator. It is written that . . . .”All creation declares His Glory without making a sound- and – so that man is without excuse.”
Romans 1:18-20 (NIV)
18 The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of men who suppress the truth by their wickedness,
19 since what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them.
20 For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities–his eternal power and divine nature–have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse.

So that can leave me terrified and hopeless. But at just the right time Father sent His Son Jesus. There came a day when I realized that all is not well in this life. I was young just becoming aware of life around me and it wasn’t pretty.

The church, Mom and Dad taught me about love and Jesus Saves. The fairy tales of my childhood all ended with ” lived happily after.” But life around me didn’t look like that. That left me very angry.

Today that reality is more real to me today than ever before. my life and your life are filled with all kinds of evil in me and around me.
So what do I do? What do I know about this enemy? How do I fight Him? Have I been prepared enough? I found I was not prepared enough. It was all in the book. years of study, classes, workshops,prayer, moving from church to church and thrown out of a few. Loosing the people that mattered to me in life, I laid dying on my floor and afraid. It was only then that I cried out. “Come” and He did.

So why do I share all of this? Well I came across a few minutes of a movie that made this life very real to me. I came to realize that even all I had been taught and prepared, – I was not prepared for evil. I needed something more, someone more.

Here is the clip from that movie, It is “D Day” – with boats full of soldiers trained and yet afraid. When the gates go down they are not prepared. Beware It is ruff to watch, but makes my point. Even becoming A Christian does not protect my flesh, my carnal mind. Only realizing that I am more than flesh and blood. I am made in the image of my creator , Spirit and it in me spirit that Christ and my Father lives in me. So as The Lord said to me today through Ken today –“Do not be afraid.
I am finding I am not afraid. But my carnal mind and flesh do not get it. Today it is Parkinsins. Thankfully as “Paul” puts it I am spirit and the Spirit lives with me and in. So whatever your enemy is today. Thank you Father. Thank you Christ Jesus.

After the movie clip know I have more of creation to share.

Copy Paste to see clip.


On Georgia Pass

I spent a night on the Continental Divide one day this week.  It was a new moon night and I was hoping to get some practice images of the “Milky Way”.  However the weather did not cooperate with me.  I experienced some rain showers with a little thunder and lighting.  So around midnight I rolled over and went to sleep.

“His Mercies are new every morning . . .”

I awoke to a new beautiful morning with mountains surrounding me and the morning dew still wet beneath my feet.  All still and quiet.  Not a sound.  Not a wispier of wind. Not a sound of man save my breathing. I sat down with  cup of coffee soaking in the view you see above.  The silence of creation declaring His Glory.

I am always left with,  “Be still and know that I am God.”  The grandeur of the landscape leaving me breathless. Here I sit at almost twelve thousand feet and still mountains rise! But there is so much more that can go unnoticed.

At my feet all around me are the most deli quit little flowers.  Some barely above the ground and these little “Blue Bells” only about four inches above the ground.

Blue Bells on the Hill

They are so small I have to lay me and the camera on the ground to really take notice.  These tiniest of flowers cover the meadows around me.  So small and fragile among this rugged landscape with cold well below zero in winter and hurricane winds at times.  Torrential down pours of rain and snow measured in feet – all in the same place.

This s why I come.  To leave the sound of man and his fight with over the heavens. To set and soak in the sovereignty and glory of His presence all around and in me.  From the grandeur to the sublime and smallest of details. So alive, remind me that I too am alive made in the image of my Creator, my Father!

So I share and leave you with these images of that morning, hoping that you too will take some time and reach out to Father and Son, for without them, you would not “Know.”

Santa Fe Trail Prairie

There have been many, many times in my life that I wondered if there was a God . . . particularly in the devastatingly hard times. I simply could not see or hear Him.  I did not know or understand this God.

Years later after I had become a Christian- I still hear those struggles in the lives of fellow believers. It saddens me.  Yet I too have those moments.  So what do I do?  How do I keep going and then there are all the unanswered question?  Well — How did I become a believer in the first place?

As the Apostle Paul tells me – “When it pleased God to reveal Himself in me. . . .When I cried out – When I in desperation cried out.  When I had no more answers -nowhere to go that I had not been before.  No thought I had not heard before.  He answered. . . .

Inside me where I have lived alone all of my life. Where no one has ever been, I heard these words – “The criteria as to whether I exist does not depend on whether you believe or not”

Immediately came the realization (revelation) that He heard my cry.  With that realization came another realization and  I cried out — “There is a God!”  And He is in me.

Now I know I have His mind.  I can see and hear what He does.  He is always with me and in me.  He has not only “walked a mile in my shoes” – but all of my life and before me.

I know Him because He became like me from my birth to my yet to come passing,- returning to Him and where He is.  He cried out like me. He bled like me.  Being a man on a cross He cried out for a God you and I do not see feeling forsaken and then telling our Father “Into your hands commit my Spirit.”  And so I would know the truth, the way, the life — Father raised Him up and He walked among those who had walked with Him.

Now He walks with me and like the wind,  I see the work of His hand in my day to day life. And so now I give Him thanks for every day, yielding myself to Him that He might make Himself known to you.

Song Link: “He Walked a Mile”








1 Corinthians 2:16 (NLT)
16  For, “Who can know the LORD’s thoughts? Who knows enough to teach him?”


But we understand these things, for we have the mind of Christ.


Here is my thought for today.

When I am called to counsel a young couple planning to marry or a married couple grappling with their new life together – I often have to bring this teaching;

When you come together in this new covenant bond ( called marriage) you have to learn to become one minded. When you were alone you were single-minded – but now you are going threw the process of becoming one minded just as you have become one flesh. It is a process that on average takes a couple, one to three years. It is about learning to yield and to listen. To esteem the other over you.

Our covenant bond with Christ our Lord and bride is the same. My Lord spends my life here bringing me the revelation of one mindedness with Him. As Paul puts it – “We have the mind of Christ.” We give up being “double minded” as James says. The mind of my flesh knows no such thing and cannot. I must learn to listen to my Husband where He resides – in my heart. And so therefore listen with my heart not my mind. It is only in this place in me the holiest of holy’s that I am one with Him in mind and Spirit.

It is wise to remember it takes all of my life time here – that He has determined for me, for Him to bring me to that place of one heart and mind with Him.

At those times I find myself struggling – I have turned away from Him and where He resides and turned to the mind of my flesh. Which by the way did not get saved. my flesh can never be spirit – it is flesh.

The daily battle I fight is the battle over the mind of my flesh and the mind of my heart.

The mind of my flesh has no power over the mind of my heart. The mind of my heart has all the power of the universe in me -The mind of Christ.

I overcome “by the blood of the Lamb and the word of my testimony.”


When the sun was going down, a deep sleep fell upon Abram; and behold, horror and great darkness fell upon him. —Genesis 15:12


I don’t often post others work.  However this “thought” caught my attention.  I have come to realize my need to wait and listen to my Father, and walk with my Lord; after all He has invited me to “Follow Him”

But I must also realize what following him will cost Me; namely what it cost Him. I live my life out in the everyday reality here, incarnate just as He was.  Just as He, Jesus is Spirit, so am I am.  I,  David am spirit.

This seventy year old sack of clay and water you are looking at are just where I am staying here for a bit.


“Whenever God gives a vision to a Christian, it is as if He puts him in “the shadow of His hand” (Isaiah 49:2). The saint’s duty is to be still and listen. There is a “darkness” that comes from too much light— that is the time to listen. The story of Abram and Hagar in Genesis 16 is an excellent example of listening to so-called good advice during a time of darkness, rather than waiting for God to send the light. When God gives you a vision and darkness follows, wait. God will bring the vision He has given you to reality in your life if you will wait on His timing. Never try to help God fulfill His word. Abram went through thirteen years of silence, but in those years all of his self-sufficiency was destroyed. He grew past the point of relying on his own common sense. Those years of silence were a time of discipline, not a period of God’s displeasure. There is never any need to pretend that your life is filled with joy and confidence; just wait upon God and be grounded in Him (see Isaiah 50:10-11).

Do I trust at all in the flesh? Or have I learned to go beyond all confidence in myself and other people of God? Do I trust in books and prayers or other joys in my life? Or have I placed my confidence in God Himself, not in His blessings? “I am Almighty God…”— El-Shaddai, the All-Powerful God (Genesis 17:1). The reason we are all being disciplined is that we will know God is real. As soon as God becomes real to us, people pale by comparison, becoming shadows of reality. Nothing that other saints do or say can ever upset the one who is built on God.” — Oswald Chambers

The image that I share here with you tell my story. On the surface it may just be a captivating image and I am proud if it. Not for my photography; But our Creator.

Has He revealed Himself to you?

Galatians 1:15-16





Father, Jesus,

What? Why? Now? My brother Paul ?

He has a loving Bride, Beautiful Children and Grand Children. Not mention the rest of my family, Living Water Church.
I know Jesus that you come when it is time to take each one home. I have seen you come seven times so far in my life. So your comings are not new to me.

Yet my heart, like all of the rest of us, feels the agony in the depths of grief, just as though it is the first time. The pain so unforgiving with little room for breathing in the midst of drowning tears.

Paul came when I lay dying on my living room floor. He picked me up and took me in as his very own brother. He nourished my body, soul, mind and spirit with your love and comfort. Ever faithful to lift me up to you Father and Son.
Each time You have come and restored my soul, my spirit, my life.

I am not going to quote the endless verses of Scripture here. For we ( LWC ) all know them. My spirit knows them. Yet there is this part of my Love that I have come to know, that while the depth of me is lost to a place that has no words only tears — there is still another knowing. But it is far greater than all the tears. All these years has eluded me until your coming for my brother Paul.

Christmas, death, now?
As I face the loss of my brother Paul there is a new knowing.
Paul and all of those I love who you have come for ARE the reason for Christmas. Are the reason for you Jesus. is your answer Father, that I might know your love for me.

How else could You come but in a baby like me? How else could I know who you are if You had not revealed yourselves to me in Jesus.

So now in the midst of Paul and the loss I feel — You have come in the season and time I need you most. We call it Christmas.

You bring the gift of yourself in Christ to love and comfort me. to know the Light. To know joy, peace and rest. To restore my life that I might know I am a new creation.

Now as Your new creation I live now and rejoice that my brother Paul is dancing with You all safe and full of life.

I am free to share what You have given Paul – – with my family with your comfort, peace and love. You are here in me, with me and all I love.

Thank You Father! Thank you Son!

Love you Paul;


It seems to me these days in the midst of all the afflictions, from personal to global,  I hear a lot of demanding of “my rights”. Americans seem to believe they are entitled.   Cries for justice. Cries for help. If not – then I hear a lot of “finding fault” – Attacking someones character —  and if that is not enough there is all the protesting, raging, rebellion stealing,rapes and killing of both good and evil.  Daily the six o’clock news reports of lying, corruptions, bombings and Governments that aren’t able to govern.

Forever there has been this battle over “the Law.”  If I don’t like it and it does not seem to be working – I change it.

Have I not learned that the “Law” doesn’t work?  In fact the “Law” only makes this life worse and kills.

So- where am I in all of this chaos, confusion, ever increasing noise, overwhelming growing tech-knowledge. Where am I with a world that is racing faster and beyond me and my ability to keep up?

The church at large where I am living tells me of the Salvation, the restoration, the reconciliation I have in what my Father and Christ did for all of mankind.  And so He did.

It cost Him and  His Sons Life.  He came and lived the life I live everyday for over thirty years and then because I didn’t like what I saw it is going to cost me — I (We) killed Him with no concern of His cost. I don’t hear that taught much in the church of today.

I hear of lot of what my Father and Christ will do for me.  The blessings, healings of my flesh, all my carnal and spiritual needs He longs to give.  I hear all the cries of Help me, heal me, deliver me and protect me from all the afflictions of this life I am living.  I want more and more of you. I hear that this life can be great and that we can someday bring peace and new life in and on this world.

Am I forever to focus on me and this life I live here.  Am I to forever cry about my afflictions, pain, agony and injustice I live?  How long will I wine?  Do I even give thought of who my Father and His Son really are, what they think and care about?  How long will I demand that He show me where the rocks are in this deep water of life I find myself? I cry out “Come Holy Spirit”.  You are all I want.  You are I need.

I rarely seem to realize that my Father has already hears and answered my cries. I rarely seem to realize the truth of, He is already in me.  I rarely seem to realize I am already living in His kingdom and that His kingdom is being established in :All flesh”. Both good and evil.  But all of this does comes at a price to me too. Christ came and shows me both the price he paid and what it cost me to follow Him.  Will I do it anyway?

It will cost me the one thing I don’t want to give.  Namely the cost of “myself.” The cost of giving up my rights to myself. It will cost me everything I am, like the man above.

Have I laid me down and taken Christ hand, walking with Him sharing with Him all the afflictions of this life with no complaining or grumbling?  Have I laid done all of my “yes but” and arguments of His call to me?  Have I found the His Joy in my afflictions? Has my Father revealed Himself in me?

I give you a resounding Yes! He has ,I just don’t always live it.  But whether I live this new life for everyone to see –He has done a good work in me and will continue until He has completed it in me.  He has already revealed His purposes and plans, already made plain to me.  What He rarely reveals to me is the working of His hands in my walk with Him.  We call it today “providence.  What He asks of me – Am I willing to hold His hand and walk with Him without knowing.  Something he calls “Trust”. Trust in who He is, not just what he does or reveals to me.

I thank Him anyway, I praise him anyway. I thank Him for these afflictions I live that I might know Him and comfort someone else.

I know now that ” I have the mind of Christ.”  I see what He sees and hears. All He is asking me to do is follow Him that He might accomplish His purpose and plans in me and His kingdom.  That is His job, not mine.  “My work is to believe in the one whom He has sent.”

So now I laugh, cry, sing for joy and walk in this creation of  His. Make a few images of His creation to share with you and remind you that ” All creation declares His Glory without saying a word.” To remind, encourage you and tell those who don’t yes realize Him in this fallen world we are living in today.

The first word in the definition of Love is “Be patient”. The Greek rendering of the word patient is –“long suffering”.  Are you willing?  I need your help as we follow Him.












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