I ran into a old clay pot yesterday — well not literally. He would have fallen down and perhaps broken. He was small and bent over– hanging on to a shopping cart to hold him up. His head was hanging down with large red circles under his eyes. Shuffling alone seemly not sure where he was going. He has a few frozen dinners and some junk food in his cart as other clay pots scurried about taking no notice as they went by.

As I walked in his direction for some bread — he looked up and our eyes met. I smiled and said hello. A huge smile came across his face as he raised his hand to his ear. So I walked over, leaned over and said “good morning – how are you today?”

Proudly he said –” I am 88 and thought perhaps I had better get some groceries before I couldn’t get out.” “Ah” I said not sure what to say. Then he asked me if I was from Colorado. “No” I said, “From Virginia.” “I have been there.” He said. “Nice place.”
“You doing ok?” I asked. “Fine” came the reply. ‘It is a nice day.” ‘Yes it is.” I said. “Well God bless your day sir.” I said and started to turn to leave. He reached out his hand and took mine and said, “Thank you, you are a nice man.” I said, “Well the Lord loves you.” He smiled with a nod and shuffled off towards the pastry display.

The thoughts that came after he left were, perhaps he is widowed and alone and from the looks of his cart not eating all that well. So I prayed.

The Lord once asked me a question recently. “Are you willing to be a “nobody”, because you are “somebody?” I came away feeling that the Lord had touched this old clay pot today and took notice of him. Thank You lord God for this old clay pot that you care for so much.

The Lord’s creation amazes me everyday. He has come for “the one.” you matter. All creation declares His Glory (presence). Even an old clay pot. He is but a heart cry away if you call out to Him.