They come in five basic colors;

Red, Yellow, Black, White and Tan. They make nearly two hundred different sounds.  They come in many different sizes and shapes  ranging from about five pounds to over one thousand.  They come natural with all kinds of artwork and decorative coverings.  They range in age from new to over one hundred year in age. The average life span being about seventy years .  While they were originally made for one purpose- Today they serve almost as many different functions and usages as there are clay pots.  At last count there are over five billion of them in existence today.

Each clay pot takes about nine months to complete and comes with a very special seed planted deep inside. A one of a kind. There is and has never been another anything like it since the creation of this world.  While the clay pot is just that a clay pot. It will last only a very short time, the seed planted is one of the greatest miracles of this life.  No one knows what and how it will turn out except the Creator.  No one knows all that will happen along the way as He grows this miracle seed.  At some point this miracle seed may be transformed into something new.  It will no longer be like the clay pot that has carried it all this time.  It will be spirit, having a spiritual DNA,  carrying The Spirit (“The Breath of life”)  within it.  When it reaches  maturity here on this earth  the Creator will take it  to His world (Heaven) to be with Him.

“His mercies are new every morning. . .”

So while you and I are planted here in these clay pots — Will you give thanks to Him who made us apart of this creation?  Will you embrace each day and marvel at all the created things around us, realizing that they are here for us to realize there is a God.  To realize He knows your name.   That He created you to be like Him and in His image,  for Himself and  to be His Bride.

These clay pots don’t last very long as well we all know.  They are amazing given what and how they are made and what they go through while we are in them.  But alas they are not eternal.  But like our Creator we are.

So if you are new to all of this won’t you let your heart cry out to your Creator?  We know  Him as God, and Lord God,Jesus His Son.  If you already know Him would you reach out to someone and share your story?