About six months after the Lord had come to me for the first time, I was on a family camping trip with my wife and daughter.  We had, had a wonderful time together enjoying His creation all around us.  The “perfect” campsite by a mountain stream surrounded by tall pine  trees and a view of mountains that would not quit.

I was still full of excitement that the Lord had come to me and found me.  I was excited that He had made himself known to me when I cried out to Him for the first time in my life.  Even though I was thirty-eight, I was full of that “young” and often times “unwise zeal.” It was now time for us to pack up and go home.  And I really wasn’t quite ready to leave.

I had been looking at this ridge over our site all weekend trying to imagine the view at the top.  So I asked my wife if she minded if I climbed up there and took a look?  Well — more like I told her I wanted to climb up to the top.  After all I was a man and something inside me wanted to prove to myself I could do it.  It was a good two thousand feet above the campsite.

Well I did climb up that mountainside.  I blazed my way up thru the tree stands and rocks making my own way because there was no trail and after all I am a man and I can do this.  YEAH!!

Some forty minutes or so I made it – breathing very hard, but exhilarated and proud of my accomplishment.  As I looked down the mountain I had just concord – I could see my wife and daughter looking up at me and waving.  I waved back beaming from ear to ear.  So I then sat down for a few minutes us to take in the view I had just climbed all that way to see.

It was breath-taking!  I could see forever and there was an unending view of one mountain after another.  Blue sky and not a sound.  But in the silence  there came a voice speaking to me.  At first I almost didn’t hear it.  But the view was just so breath-taking I couldn’t move.  So I just sat and took everything around me into my being, my soul, my heart.

It was there – in my heart – that I recognized the voice. It was His voice.  And all He said was:

“Can you make a stone?”

In those moments I realized my smallness. My helplessness, my powerlessness.  I reached over and pickup up a small rock and held it in my hand and pondered His question.  It was then that my life hit me square in my heart.  I can’t even make this small stone I am holding. I looked around me again at all of this grandeur.

There truly is a God!  And He is Creator!  And He had come for me — the One — lost – angry – and afraid.

Do you know Him?  Has He come for you?  Have you cried out for Him?

If you can’t get out to the mountains – then take a few minutes again and look at a few snaps of mine and ponder.   Better yet just step outside for a moment and pick up a stone or find a flower and sit with them for a few minutes.  Can you make even one?

He is here waiting.