The rocks beneath our feet

Even the rocks cry out

Most every morning I like to sit outside on my patio and watch the Lord wake up the day.  I am up usually at first light or just before when the robins start their morning song.  I take my coffee and sit, watch and listen to the sound of His presence in the air. I marvel at how He uses light as the day awakens, casting shadows here and there on everything that it touches – the colors constantly changing.   It constantly changes as it grows brighter and brighter, just like the music of a fine symphony as it crescendos to a peak of life in song.  The house finches start their colorful song as the gather around the bird feeder and the robins come to drink from the bird bath.

Then suddenly (did you know it takes almost exactly an hour from first light to sunrise) The sun bursts on the horizon like a trumpet  declaring His presence for the day!  Well except when it is cloudy or it is raining.

What kind of God is He . . .?

In front of my patio is some landscaping with the usual small rock that decorates the ever greens about the grounds where I live.  Nothing of particular note.  If you live out in the west like I do -you know the kind.  kind-of multicolored small but not pronounced. Soft and non descriptive in a way. Kind of rust, gray, white, yellowish and brown.  certainly nothing that I would sit back and go WoW! Just look at how beautiful they are.

Well — Just look at these rocks again!  Hidden in them is a multitude of color.  They glisten and shine brightly  in a mosaic pattern that you and I could never imagine.  And we walk right by and rarely give note. (If you want a closer look, go to my website. –

He (God) is so far beyond anything I can grasp. Yet He makes His presence know to you and me down to the smallest details . . .

“That even the rocks cry out”

What kind of God is He. . . ?

Will you dare to ask Him?  Is it possible that He cares for you?  Or are you -“Just a spec of dust on the pages of prophesy” (Chuck Swendall). Or a flower here today and gone tomorrow?

If you know Him – give Him thanks and praise.  If you don’t check Him out.  He might just surprise you.