Do you know our Creator as Father? Everyday comes with that declaration.  How do I know. . .?

Well one of the things fathers do is provide for their children.  I know because every morning I watch Him do that for all of the rabbits and birds that come around my patio.  I know because when I drive over to my daughter’s house, I see cattle and horses grazing in the fields. I know because when I go for a hike I see all kinds of wild life scurrying about gathering something to eat and when I go fishing I usually get a nice fat trout or two.

I know because after loosing all of my generation and back to the Lord calling them home — I have wonderful children and grandchildren who love me – and on day’s like today I can get lonely.  Not only that, but He has given me a new family that is larger than my family was.

Some days in life’s  struggles  and this fasted pace world we live in I get lost for a moment or two.  I get caught up in the six o’clock news or looking at the trash that some of my neighbors leave about on the way to the dumpster and grumble.

I forget – that all of my life He has provided for me and my family.  I am blessed beyond anything I could imagine and my imagination can be very active and like most American boys I love my toys too.  But sports — I just don’t get it.

My dad was not always available – working alot– but somehow I knew he loved me.  Maybe you don’t even have a dad – I don’t know.  But whether you do or not – does not reflect what and who our Father really is.  He is in all He does and is in our lives — Just look around you.  How can we not know and on this special day spend time with Him and give Him thanks – and more than that give our lives to Him as the gift He deserves and wants.  He is truly amazing!

Here is a video to marvel at His creation and love for you and me.