Light shines in the darkness  . . .

I just made a trip to the mountains to see the fall colors of Colorado.  I rarely go on the weekends because of the crowds.  I like the solitude and to listen to “the sounds of silence” with my Father (Creator).  All of His creation has so much to reveal in His presence.

The crowds were larger than in past years, because the peak days came on a weekend – so – yuk!  Anyway–

I was on top of Independence Pass on Sunday evening with another photographer I met and we were just standing there waiting on the sunset.  While we were there, there was a constant parade of tourists climbing up the hill with their point and shoot cameras pointing in every direction taking snaps of their surroundings.  Frequently one or two would stop and ask us what we were waiting for since we seem to be just standing and doing nothing.   Each time we would smile and give them the same answer.  We were waiting for the light.  They would look around with puzzled faces and a sheepish smile and sa .. ah! Then scurry off for more snap shots chattering away.

That pretty much describes these words;

John 1:5 (NIV) The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it.

To a photographer light is everything in an image because it convays so much to what you see.  It brings an image to life.  If you think about it -as light changes around you – you get a different feeling – a different sense of your surroundings and how you feel about life and where you are in it.  Maybe even a little insight to yourself.

Did you know for example that the green you see in the foliage of summer covers up the other colors that you see in the fall that we all enjoy?  As the light of summer fades away going south, meaning shorter and shorter daylight the green fades away revealing all of those beautiful colors we enjoy so much.

Light brings life.  Jesus who is “Light” is the only reason we can live.  But if you don’t have Him in you (The Holy Spirit) you have no life in you and you don’t understand, because you are the “darkness”.  Isn’t it great that our Creator has given us  and planted us in all of His creation to see and know that He – Is?

As much as I have always loved the outdoors and love being in them, until my creator (Father God) sent His Son here to me for me-  I had no clue what I was looking at in this life.  All of Creation was awsome! but — confusing to me.  Now I have the “Light” and the world around memakes all the sense in the world to see.  It reveals Him.  It declares Him.  We just get to revel in it.