Out of the Ashes

” We are all just specks of dust on the pages of prophesy”   – – – -Chuck Swendell

As I have been listening to the “Six O’clock” News and those around me about the state of the world these days — whether you are talking the political or economic stability  affairs — I hear an ever-growing unrest in the heart and souls of my fellow-man.  A growing anger, a growing sense of fear and helplessness.

The airways are full of “doomsayers” prophesies.  There are constant cries of blame on almost any front you look at, political, economic, environmental and yes spiritual.  There is endless banner waving on who’s to blame and how to fix it — This mess we find ourselves in these days.  This new world we live in with, it’s instant global connectedness of media, internet and TV – only seems to fuel the fires and make things worse.  Christian crying the “End is near”, environmentalists, blaming all of us for “global warming” as if this hasn’t happened before and historians telling us this is only “history repeating itself.”   And then there are the archeologists digging in the dirt trying to makes sence of it all while the astronomers look to the skies.   It is very easy to get caught up in all of this and find yourself in a state of paralysed, confused and overwhelmed funk.  What is a man to do. . . ?

The image you see on this blog today is my wife’s ashes on top of Mt Evans in Colorado.  If that offends you perhaps it should.  You see for each of us there is appointed a time to die. To leave this mess behind.  Is all that we see here in this life, all there is?  If you have wondered about the images I am presenting on this site — landscapes, flowers, old places and things, a few clay pots and critters — they have been birthed out of my “Peggy’s” ashes.  I suddenly did not  understand “Life” – mine or anybody elses.  I was devastated to the point of dying from a broken heart.  Broken beyond repair – no hope -litterly dying on my livingroom floor.  That was the place that I cried out  in only a whisper, (for that was all I could muster) — Come!   Then —

He came!  He came for the one — me!

So what is my point in all of this . . . .?    LIFE!  . . . . .  and LIFE is not an “it”. LIFE is a person and  His name is Jesus!

He  is bigger than you and me.  He is bigger than all of what you see going on around you.  He is the one who has placed you here in this time and place.  If you cry out to Him . . .  He comes! For He comes for the one – you!  All that you see going on around you doesn’t matter in the “Grand scheme  of things.” You may find that offensive to you in the midst of your suffering — but that is the very place you find Him.  Americans generally don’t find that appealing – since the tend to subscribe to the belief that “We shouldn’t have to suffer.”  But I ask you where is that written?

So rather than getting caught up in all the noise our fellow – man is making – perhaps it is time to be still and take stock of your own life and just what part are you playing in this life.  It has  been said that “When you point fingers at someone – there are three fingers pointing back at you.”

Yes perhaps I am a speck of dust on the pages of prophesy,  — but I was placed here – I matter to God my creator and so do you.  So I strive to do what the Lord has placed in front of me today — knowing that “LIFE” is bigger than me and I matter to Him.  I can’t fix this mess we seem to be making – other than to do – one day at a time – what is in front of me.  and That is — “To love God and love my neighbor as myself.”  Can that be enough?  For me the answer came as I gaised upon my wife’s ashes;

From out of the ashes of my wifes ashes and mine really – I take up my cross (sufferings) and walk with Him daily.  Will you?