A very, very dear friend sent me an email today in response to the devotional she read.  She only said a few words – “Ouch!!    Attitude Adjustment!!!”

So I went off to see what she was responding to in the devotional.  I have enculded the devotional at the bottom of this blog entry.

The devotional is down right unAmerican.  It goes against our beloved “Bill of rights.”  We are to declare un-abashedly our rights. We are to fight for our rights. We are to wear them proudly and shout them from the roof tops of our homes and the “Six o’clock News” for all the world to see and hear.  What ever it takes and at all costs “our rights” come first –  After all we are Americans.

Now understand I am an American and I give thanks to my Lord that He placed me here in this time and place.   However I have a But — to call into account.

In the movie Kevin Kosner’s Robin Hood there is a line that I love that he uses in each of his battles or fights that he encounters that is very revealing to us if we would but take a minute to think on.  It reveals “Attitude.”  You see in each of these fights he finally gests the upper hand and has his oponet down for the count.

But notice here how he handles his oponet.  He does not demand anything from them. He asks them a question.  That question is born in him.  One of compassion, mercy and respect.  It is born of humility and grace.  He makes no demands of his rights His question. . . ?

“Will you yield?”

He gives his oponet the choice.  He gives him the oppertunity to change the attitude of his heart.  After all isn’t that what the fighting is all about?  Demanding and imposing his rights, his will on someone else?

Isn’t that the question that Christ has before us each day as we walk along in this life?  Read the devotional.

Will you dare to “yield” – to lay down your “Bill of Rights” for someone else – even perhaps you enemy?  Isn’t that what loving is all about?  As a follower of my Lord am I not called to that place?

He makes no claim it will be easy – in fact it got Him killed – But His Father – and ours – asked Him. Isn’t this how we are called to live? Giving up our rights that others might live.


Have Their Mind in You

Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus.  (Philippians 2:5)

Attitudes do not just happen; we choose them. Paul urged believers to have the same attitude that Jesus had. Jesus was the Son of God. His place was at the right hand of His Father, ruling the universe. No position could be more glorious or honorable than the right hand of the heavenly Father. Jesus’ relationship with the Father gave Him the right to this honor.

Jesus chose not to hold on to this right. Nothing, not even His position in heaven, was so precious to Him that He could not give it up if His Father asked Him. His love for His Father compelled Him to make any sacrifice necessary in order to be obedient to Him. When the Father required a spotless sacrifice for the redemption of humanity, Jesus did not cling to His rights, nor did He argue that He should not have to suffer for the sins of rebellious creatures of dust (Isa. 53:7). Rather, He relinquished the glory of His heavenly existence in order to become a man. He was born in a cattle shed; he slept in a feeding trough. His life was spent preparing for the day when He would suffer an excruciating execution. All of this He did willingly.

We are tempted to hold tightly to things God has given us. We say, “I would be willing to give up anything God asked of me, but I just don’t think He would ask me to give anything up!” The Father asked His Son to make radical adjustments in His life. Can we not expect that He will ask us to sacrifice privileges and comforts as well?

If you find yourself resisting every time God seeks to adjust your life to His will, ask the Spirit to give you the same selfless attitude that Jesus demonstrated.