Why is it that little people know the power of words and big people seem to have forgotten?

Remember when you were a little people and you heard the phrase – “Sticks & Stone can break my bones, but names will never hurt me”?

How was it that the words  did hurt me? The playground sometimes seemed like a battle ground.  And big people always tried to convince me they didn’t.  And when a big people was angry and spoke to me – oh my!!  God has spoken and I am going to die.  Yet even worse, my words seem to fall to the ground and just lay there powerlessly while others laughed at me.  Do you remember or were you one of the ones laughing?

Well now I am a big people and I have come to know that little people are right.  Words are very powerful.

It is written;

And God said – “Let there be light. . . ”

It is written;

“And the Word (big “W”) became flesh and dwelt among us . . .  – “The Word was with God and the Word was God . . .”

It is written;

“And God created us in His Image.  Male and female He created us.” — Do you realize you are a little word? (small “w”)

One of the things in this life that make me sad at times is how seemingly unaware big people are of what comes out of their mouths and the impact it has to those around them.   Not to mention what it reveals about their heart and who they are becoming.

It is written;

“That we will have to give an account of every “careless word” and deed. . . ” “Let our words be few. . . ”  “Be slow to make a vow to God. . . ”  “Be slow to speak and quick to listen. . . ”

Do you realize that you are always thinking – even when you are asleep?  Do you give thought to what you are thinking? Do you even realize what the words you use mean?  Do you know their origins their history?  Where are the words you are using coming from within you?  What about the words on a page?

Well for me I have come to know that first and foremost Word is Life.  Word is a Spirit.  Not just a noise, ink, or carvings in stone.  Word is God.  And so are you and I.

Words are living and as such are constantly growing and changing.  They give and take away life.  They build up and tear down.  While some words continually grow in value and worth.  Other  words diminish over time and die.  Words have form and substance.  Their meanings and purposes are in a constant state of flux.  Words create. Words destroy. Words create empires and destroy them. Words mold and shape our history and our futures.   Even though you and I are “Little words”  We are powerful.  Yet in God’s sight a “wisp in the wind.”

So while we are here we are “little word” manifest in flesh.  As such I believe it behooves us to consider that truth and obey ( listen – draw near – harken)  our “Word” – our Lord.

There were some other idioms that I was raised with when I was a little people —

“Only speak when spoken to.” and “If you can’t say something nice – don’t say anything at all.”

Good advice for big people too.

There is something else to consider.  Word is Love.  So are we love (little “l”). We are continually being made in His likeness.

Are you living, speaking love or death by what is coming out of our mouth?  I don’t always do so well.