The Battle . . . Of the Minds

Monday, January 23, 2012

7:48 AM

Yesterday (Sunday) Pastor Ken, of Living Water Church, Came sharing his heart as he so often does – to the battle that we live everyday – whether we are aware of it or not.  He was sharing the “Battle of the mind” that he deals with everyday.

As I listened to his words my heart and spirit within me leap for joy.  Because just last week I had posted a small article on Facebook sharing  the same message.

One of the things that fascinated me, was while our circumstances and language is different – we heard the same message.   Pastor Amy spoke to hearing prophetic words spoken.  And both pointed to the Scriptures to confirm the words spoken.  Most Christians would agree.

Ok . . .  You say?  So what is my point?


Revelation!  The Mind of Christ in you.

As I sit here, Revelation (Christ in me!) floods my mind that I cannot begin to express in anything less than a book – all in a matter of a few flashing moments.   Has that ever happened to you?

So I will only be able in these few brief moments share a few Thoughts.


There is an expression we sometimes hear said;  “Lost in translation.”  But is that really a true statement?  Is He, “lost in translation”?  Are His words “lost in translation”?


Today His words (The Scriptures” are written in literally hundreds of languages and in our case –  English translations at least 26 versions at last count that I have heard.  But  that was over twenty five years ago.

What does all that  do to your mind and how do you begin to comprehend God, and His voice, much less your follow man?

Remember the crowds at Pentecost who said;  How are these men able to speak in my own language and I understand them?  They are unlearned.  My paraphrase.


Well Ken and I reminded you that “we have the mind of Christ” quoting Paul in his letter to the Corinthians.  We heard the same message last week.  We both quoted James about being “Double minded. We heard that the battle is within our minds and that “the battle is won by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony.”

The only clarification that I spoke of was that we have two minds. The mind of my flesh and the mind of my heart.  To me that more clearly describes the battle.  But perhaps Ken means the same thing – just expressed differently.


Isn’t that incredible?  We had not spoken to each other last week.  How does that happen.  What does it mean “We have the mind of Christ”?


I believe this;

My Lord says that in the latter days He will pour out His Spirit on all flesh.  My Lord says He will write His Word on my mind and my heart.  And even more He has given to us His words, His account, His mind if you will in print that we commonly call the “Word of God”.   Which by the way we should refer to them as the “words of God” small “w”.  Since the Word is Spirit and not print on a page.  But that is a topic for another day.


So the revelation that leaves me breathless is that we can hear His voice if we,  as Amy spoke of Steve Sampson, train ourselves to listen to Him.  We have His word written on our minds, our hearts, in print and the man standing next to you if he is born again.  In His wisdom He has given us a “check and balance system” of sorts if you will.  I wonder if He is a Republican or Democrat?   Never mind. . .


We have His mind.  He is known to me.  “When it pleased God to reveal Himself in me.”

If that doesn’t make you fall to your knees – what will?


The battle is won!!


I give all of me to you God my Father and Christ my Lord and Husband.

Let my life be a living testimony to You expressed in this one soul known a David your bride.