I have come to know that everyone can hear (baring a medical problem)  . . . but few know how to listen.  Why is that?  What is so hard about listening?  If so few know how – Then what do I do and how do I learn how to listen?  Is hearing really different from listening?  Or is there any distinction at all?

Have you ever noticed on occasion when you say someting to someone  that the response you get had little or absolulty nothing to do with what you said?  What happened?  What is the problem?  Did I not communicate clearly?  Perhaps.  Did they not hear me?  Plainly they did.  I got a response.  Did they listen?  Ah  perhaps not so  much.  Or at least did not understand.

As you can see in these few brief comments we could go on and on and only get more confused and frustrated.  So like everything else in my life I must turn to my Creator to find an answer.  I have learned that even the great “Webster” – who by the way is only a few hundred years old – doesn’t give me clear answers.  More than that, I find that the meanings of words change all the time.  So listening – what ever that is, bcomes a real challenge.

So off to the Scriptures I go. After all they are the words of God – right?   But I also have come to know that I cannot lean on my understanding – because more often than not I base my understanding from my experiences and the language I use today is based on those experiences.  So what do I do?  The masses don’t know Greek or Hebrew.  But thankfully we can look up the meanings of the words used when they were written.

In Scripture There is a word that has at it’s root, a concept, a reality, we do not connect with listening or hearing.  It is at the root of our problem of not knowing how to listen.  It is the reason most of us don’t.  Even being a follower of my Lord has not made me a great listener.   But I am getting better at it.  I am getting a lot of practice.  So just what exactly is the root of listening and hearing?

It is the word Obey.  And we do not do that well.  We all have turned away in Adam.  We all have stopped listening and become lost and died.  We all come into this world that way.  There are no exceptions.

A study of the word obey reveals the root meaning of “Drawing near, giving ear, to harken, to hear, to listen, to give attention, to hear as in a noise.

Obedience, obey is not something we do naturally.  We don’t grow up knowing how to obey (listen, hear).  We have to learn how to listen (obey).

It is said of Christ; “That He learned obedience by what He suffered.”  It is the same for you and me.  We must learn to obey ( listen) through our sufferings.  And it is this place, this life here.  That, that takes place.

It is written that if we draw near to God, He will draw near to us.  It is also written that no came come to the Father exept through Christ and He enables me.

If you want to know Him you must call out to Him and if you want to hear Him you must obey (listen to Him).  And even more if you want to hear Him there is one more thing that you must do first,  It is central to hearing His voice.

You must be silent.  You must keep your mounth shut and give ear, wait and meditate on what you hear.  You must listen.

How is that going for you?

I find it to be work.  And the work of God is to believe – so it is written.