Let him hear.”

On the pages of this site there is an image of ashes poured out on a rock on a mountain top. They are not ordinary ashes. They are not from a fire pit of wood or charcoal. They are ashes of flesh and bone. They are ashes of “One flesh.” They are the ashes of my one flesh, my Peggy.

I bring this message to you because out of these ashes is the story of life. Not just my Peggy’s, but my life and yours — if you are breathing.           It is that breathing that I want to talk to you about.

Where exactly does that breathing in you come from? I don’t mean the biology of life. That is easy to explain with today’s knowledge. But could there be more? Why and how does it start and why and how does it end?

The answer is really simple, so simple you might not want to believe it. The answer is already in you. It has been in you from the beginning. It has been with you everyday since even before you were conceived and brought forth into this life.

It is written in the Scriptures that God when He created man, took the dust of the ground and formed him. But in those moments he was still just dust. Kind of like those ashes on a rock. There is no life in them.

But then He did something so profound that it is beyond my comprehension. He “Breathed”.

So – I can do that. But nothing happens when I breathe. If I were to blow on those ashes, all that would happen is they would blow away.
So I realize that there is something very different about His breath, His breathing.
That difference is — that Breath — is the “Breath of Life”, as it is written. That Breath is Life itself. That Breath is He Himself in you and me. Sustains you and me as long as we walk this earth.

When Peggy passed away and my daughter and I took her ashes to her favorite mountain top to pour on the ground – – it was very easy to see that her Lord had taken His breath away. He had come as He had told her He would to take her to be with Him were He is. So her flesh and bone became the ashes and dust of the ground once again. The breath of life gone.
And so it is with you and me. But what is this all for? Why would I want to pour out my heart to you whom I don’t know?

My answer?
Because I do know!

I know not only because I have read it in Scripture, not only because I witnessed it in my Peggy’s life and death. I know not only because of Christ and His cross. I know not only because of all of the history of the church and her teachings. I know not by all of creation declaring His Glory every morning although most days it takes my breath away.

I know by Revelation!!

Revelation you ask? How? What does that look like?

Well that to is simple. And the Scriptures tell us plainly.

The Scriptures tell us there would come a day when God would pour out His Spirit on “All flesh.” There would come a day when He would write His Word on our hearts and mind. There would come a day when He would send the “Counselor, His Spirit” to be with us. That day in our history with Him came, some two thousand years ago. It is all recorded, but the words on a page are not going to breathe life into you. The tablets of stone did not breathe life into the Jewish people either. Studying them or practicing them did not breathe life into them or you and me. It took something else. It takes the “Breathe of life” which is Christ Himself in you. And that my friend comes by revelation.

I join with Paul of Scripture to tell you that it has taken the pleasure of God in His time in my life to reveal Himself in me. When it pleased Him. He has chosen to reveal Himself in me, my flesh as I lay dying on the ground, to realize He “His very Breath”, His very being in me was sustaining my flesh and blood.
By His choosing in His time for my life, when and where to make Himself known to me. He revealed His “Breath”, His Spirit in me. And so it is with you whether you believe it or not.

You and I are eternal beings sustained by the very “Breath of life” we like to call the Holy Spirit.
All men are eternal beings. But only those to whom He reveals Himself and acknowledge Him, who He is, why and how He came to restore us to Himself will live out thier eternal lives with Him. Those of you, though you are eternal beings, who don’t know Him, for whom He has not revealed Himself to you — will spend your eternal life separated from Him forever. To me that would be hell, that would be a life of death.

If He has not made Himself known to you. If He has not revealed Himself to you — I urge you to cry out to Him from the very depths of your eternal being sustained by His breath In you. That you might be saved from an eternity without out Him. That He might reveal Himself in you. Be Reconciled.

Song  – “The Sound of our breathing”