I am American Church, a New Creation.   Are you?

If so then . . . .

Why church, are some of us dragging our husbands and wives into the courts of the land?

Don’t you know we are to settle the matter and reconcile our own?

Why church, are some of us enslaved to the god of this land –  money?  Don’t you know you can not serve both God and money?  Don’t you know that money corrupts?

Why church, are some of us fighting the law – with the law?  Don’t you know that the government of man has been corrupt since Adam?

Don’t you know we are not under law?  But Grace!  We are reconciled!  We are “New Creations.”

Why church are some of us fighting corruption and sin with the law?  When has that brought brokenness, repentance and new life?  Are we the lawless that we should fine ourselves under it?  Has not our God and Christ set us free?  Has it ever made us Godly, moral and upright.  People of integrity, honest, gracious and loving?

Why church do, some of us believe that politics and the law  is the answer to our lives?

Don’t you know that the law kills, but the Spirit gives life?

Why church do some us believe that if we just add more law in some new language we will stop the sins of abortion, sexual depravity and greed?

What has happened to the America that we came to establish?  “The City on a hill”,  “The American Experiment”?  After some four hundred years are we any different than our forefathers who left the evils of the world they lived in to establish a “New World”?  A New Jerusalem?


American Church — I hear our cries. I  hear our callings for our nation to repent.  I hear our cries for mercy, restoration and revival.  American Church,  I hear our clamorings for more or less government.  I hear our demands for our governs to clean up their acts of greed and corruptions by writing more law.  Do you really believe that a thief will impose the law on himself?  Are we really the law unto ourselves?  In all of man’s history has that ever worked.

American Church have we become as the Galatians forgetting what we have been taught?

American Church we cry out of the Love of our God, His healing power.  We shout from our pulpits of how our Lord wants to heal us and bless us.   We urge those around us to seek His blessings and to be healded as if there is something wrong with us if we don’t.  We tell the world if you just read your Bibles everyday you will get to know God and Jesus.  It is as if we have made our God words on a page instead of Spirit.  Have a quiet time at first light  and give of your  firsts fruits.   God will bless you.  Attend another workshop, conference, Bible study, revival meetings, sing songs and praises in our worship services  you will be healed and have a full and blessed life free from pain and sufferings.  You shall be reconciled, you shall be healed.

American church are we not the hypocrite,  as the govern and people who make up the American spirit?  Have we not become as they are?  Are we not declaring the wonders of our God, but denying His power in our own lives?  Can we not see the plank in our own eye?

American church, we seem to have forgotten who we are or have never been taught.

When was the last time you heard one of us stand upright and declare from our pulpits, front doors or streets –“I am a new creation!”  Because Christ Jeus has come, paid the price, because He was asked of our Father.   Because of His love for our Father and His love for us.    When was the last time you saw one walking as a new creation full of life exploding from his very being?

American church, how long will we look at our infirmities crying out for healings and fail to realize we are “New Creations”?  We focus so much on the wrongs, sicknesses, and evils of this world and our own failing flesh, we deny the truth of who we are.  “New Creations!”

American church,  His kingdom is here!  He says so.  It is in you and me!  When will we live our lives in that truth before those around us?

American church, if we really want to love our God and his people –  If we really want to be known as a great Godly nation — If we really want to walk with our God in this world we are living in until Christ Jesus comes back for us — then . . . .


Perhaps repentance needs to start with us.  Perhaps we need to repent of the god of money. Repent from battling at keeping the law and constantly wanting to change it believing that will give us a new life.

Perhaps we need to say again  It is Christ who has saved us.  It is Christ who has made us New Creations.  Perhaps it is time for us to live out what Christ has already given.  A New Creatoin – you and me!

To settle for healing is to settle for less than a new life.

To subject ourselves to the enslavement that worshiping money brings is to settle for less than new life.

To settle for waging war in the courts and law makers is to settle for less than new life.

American church are you “living out your salvation” for all the world to see or are we caught up in the world and it’s dying struggle.

In the heavens death was overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony.

His Blood has come and overcome – but what about the word of our testimony?

Do you in fact know you and I are a “New Creation?”  Is that how you and I  are living and walking among men?  Or have we settled for something less?