Recently I have been out and about walking the prairie, with vistas as far as the eye can see.

The coulds filling the vast expanse of the heavens.

Hiking mountain trails among trees who’s twisted frames speak to untold years of fighting to live and have thrived,

With the heavens displaying the glory of its creator.



Stopping along the way to marvel at wild flowers in the desert that you dare not touch.

Where has all of this come from?  What power created and sustains all of this place I live and walk?  And then there are the questions of you and me and all the rest of living things? Certainly not a new questions.  But any answers I have heard pale by comparison to the words,  “And God said. . . .”

As I walk about . . .As I listen to the wind and the sounds of life around me . . . . And as I sit down and be still . . . .  I am speechless and struggle to take in all of this that is so far beyond me.

Recently a very dear friend and I have been working through a lecture series by Oswald Chambers on the life of Job in the Scriptures.  Through his commentary he brings to bear the truth and the reality that this life here is Tragic.  If you look at all of this incredible creation around you and then the footprint and presence of mankind in it, it is easy to understand his comments.

But as we are walking through Job’s life we are beginning to see the tradies in our own lives.  Chambers cut to the quick in my life and the life of my friend.  It is becoming personal.  He makes it difficult to distance myself from Job, because he places me in him.  His life, his thoughts, his feelings.  The unspeakable tragedy and grief I have felt in my life.

Well When God created all of this, His crown achievement was breathing His breath, His Spirit into you and me, the dust of the ground.  It is His very Breath that sustains us now.  We made the mistake of not realizing our creator, believing instead what Satan told us.  It was at that momment that our life and walk in this created heaven became tragic.  Everyone since Adam has this experience while we are here.  No one escapes.  I have sat five times with one of my loved ones as Christ came and took His breath and theirs with HIm.  It is not until when you are touched personally that you come face to face with your tradgey, your cross.  The only thing that is perhaps more tragic is the person who doesn’t realize His breath in him or denies it.  Even worse – that God sent His Son to reconcile you to Himself and our Creator God.

There is abeautiful cross like flower on some dogwood trees that are touched with a bit of pink in them.  So the story goes that they are the result of Christ dying on the cross for you and me.  Creations way of reminding us of Christ, Him crusified.

As you look over all of this creation. . .  As you look at the life of those around you. . .  and as you look at your own life so far. . . Is He, Chrsit, revealing His presence in you?  Every morning when you awake and become aware of your life and this creation God has placed you. . .  Is He revealing His presence in you now, today?

If you don’t know then He isn’t.

All of this will all pass away, mabye later today.  All of this is finite lasting but as a breath of air in the context of the reality of eternity.

The truth is your life here is tragic.  Don’t let your life be that way for eternity.  Ask HIm to reveal Himself in you – for you are a new creation -with Him or without Him for eternilty.  That would be Tragic!