You are not what you think . . . .
You are what you hear.

You are not what you listen to . . . .
You are who you listen to.

It is not what you are . . . .
It is who you are.

Christ is making you in His image. . . .
Evil wants to make you in his image.

Christ is the power of God. . . .
Evil has no power.

We are the power of God because God spoke us into His image.
Evil can’t speak us into his image.

Thought is the expression of spirit.
Words are the sound.

Obey is our response to who you hear.
It means to draw near, to harkin, to listen, to connect with.

Who’s voice do you listen to?
Who’s voice do you obey?

God gave us power because He is power.
It is called choice.
Choice is my response, my power.
Evil does not have power.

God revealed that to you and me on the Cross of Christ.
He rose again.
Let’s see evil do that.