When I am frightened, my natural response, my first reaction is to find fault.  It is how I have used the “fight or flight” response most of my life.  I use it for protection.  It becomes an ingrained habit, an automatic response to what ever is frightening me.  Most often I am not even aware that is what I am doing.  It is how  I hide from what I am fearing.


I end believing that if I find fault with someone I take away their power, I am safe, I am free..  But guess what?  The opposite happens.  I become paralyzed, powerless, helpless and oppressed.


If I see God that way, the something happens.  If I find fault with God I don’t have to listen (obey).  I become guilty of disobeying, ( not listening and drawing near). I cease living and start dying.


Where is all of this coming from?


Yesterday, I was at one my granddaughters ball games.  I don’t do well with crowds.  I noticed my tremors increasing.  Then unconsciously I started to find fault with the social setting of sports, the way people dress, the beliefs people have around me and the things they say in my hearing.  Old news. Sin is still alive and kicking.


So here I am confessing and repenting, asking for forgiveness and realizing that the those around me have really done me no wrong.  It is my perception, (opinion) which is usually mistaken.


Thank God for Christ.