“All creation was declaring His Glory . . .”

Cheryl and I took a two day excursion up to the mountains to check out the progress of fall colors.  It turned out to be a delightful trip, winding through beautiful mountains, valleys and rivers.  The breeze was fresh as a hint of rain lingered in the air. It stirred our souls as we sauntered through our day.  Around every turn in the road our breath was taken away with what our Creator is doing in our midst

.Upper Bear River Valley

The next morning we woke up to a morning mist and a ghost of trees across the meadow, the air crisp and cool.


Not only were the views extraordinary but we also got to experience the sounds and sights of creation declaring our Creator and His heavens. We climbed  the winding roads out of the mist into the bright sun light of the heavens clear to distant horizon..

It was here that I saw we were above the storms of life in His heavens. . .  .

Longs Peak-above the coulds

Free to approach His thrown in His light.

Top of the World.

It was if;

“All creation was declaring His Glory without making a sound.”

If you and I will only stand still and wait on Him – realizing His presence in and around us.   Never leaving, never forsaking.

As a dear friend recently said. “If you are a believer, you already hear His voice.”  And creation reveals His Glory.

What a trip!