As I am walking in this new life our Lord has given me, I am learning a whole new Life View.

I View life around me with different eyes as never before.  These eyes see things I have never seen before.  I see things I didn’t know were around me.  A world of light and color I have not until now, been able to see no matter how I tried even if I had know it was there.

How can this be?  What in the world could bring this new “Life View?”  The six-o-clock news was the same.  My family and friends were all going about life seemingly unchanged.  But everything around me look different somehow.

It is like looking into space and seeing with different cameras that reveal what is always there, but I could not see before.  Just LOOK!

Spiritual eyes



A telescopic camera could only capture what you and I see with our naked  eyes.  However a radio telescope can capture what we can’t see.  The top image is what we see with our naked eyes and the bottom what we can’t see, but is still there.

In the same way the images I am sharing with you are examples of what and how I see with this new “Life View”.  So how can that be?  Just LOOK HERE!



Old & New Eyes


My answer?!

Christ Jesus who came for the one, came for me.  While there are still times I find hard to take another step in my day.  It is when I stand up and look around me and this world you and I live in, I see with the eyes of my spirit and I realize I have a new “Life View”.  It isn’t the world that has been changed – it is me who has been changed.

So while my life here will end someday as will yours,  I hope that these images will encourage you to realize God is God.  He created all we see and what we don’t.

And as God once said to me:  “The criteria as to whether I exist does not depend on whether you believe or not.”

I pray you will step out, find a pretty spot, be still, listen and spend some time with Him.

For Christ has reconciled us to Him and our Father on the cross.  In simple terms sin simply means to miss the mark.  That mark is failing to recognize that I am created in His image to live and be with Him.  To repent in simple terms is to change my mind and turn back to Him, because Christ has provided the only way I can.

With which eyes will you see?  Your natural eyes or the eyes of you heart, your spirit.

I have.  Will you?