At First Glance . . .

At the dawning of this morning, setting outside with our Father – it is cold, the air crisp, the light soft as the sun starts to touch the building to the north. On the surface it seems like any other winter morning.

But one of my greatest joys in the morning is to sit quietly with our Father (My Father).  No TV, or the sound of the dishwasher, no music playing from the radio or CD player. Not even the Bible.  None of the voices of countless people talking endlessly about sports, politics, or the latest tragedies of lost lives and natural disasters.

My sandbag (my body) wakes up with the aches and pains of the my life lived so far. The voices of the spirit world in my head clamoring for my attention hoping to distract me from my Father.  But to no avail. For this is our time.  Father and me.

I love sitting and watching for His Glory as he wakens the day.  So what do I see?

I see the works of man in the buildings stand tall. I see a pool with landscaping dressing up the courtyard.  I see sidewalks leading in every direction for people to scurry about to work,the store or play. I see new found snow with the footprints of animals and man.  But that is what the eyes of my sandbag sees.  Could there be more? Is this all I can see?

A resounding NO!

I eagerly wait in my spirit to see the Glory of our Father touching the morning.  The miracles of His Spirit.  I take notice of how He walks among the things of man leaving nothing untouched.  This morning His spirit has moved and covered everything with the white beauty of snow.  The trees and bushes covered in a mantle of white.  It provides a place of shelter for bird and animal.

The trees have the look of Christmas.  The drifting decorating the courtyard with it’s contours giving shape and substance to the land. The birds starting to partake of the the daily food our Father  has given.  As He brings more and more light to the day I see all of creation around me declaring His glory without speaking a word or sound. His mighty miracles from the universe to the smallest creation I cannot see.

I realize His presence both around and in me. I am one of His miracles.