This morning as I sat with our Father; it is beautiful. Cold- 8 degrees.  I gave Him thanks for all my family and friends.  For this season of giving.  One of the greatest gifts to me is a new family, having lost it all before. He reminded me of who I am.

When I came in from the cold, I happened to glance across my dining room table.  There is an image there on the wall. To me it is the story of my life here and my life now.  It is called “Born Again.”

As I look and listen to the world around me there is this scurrying about looking for the perfect gift to give to a loved one.  The adds are relentless. People crowding and sometimes fighting to get every thing they want before you do, and at the best price.  The holidays can seem to have lost their meaning at times.

Traditions are a wonderful thing.   But if you forget what the purpose of the tradition means and is for.  It can become powerless.  It’s sense of purpose lost in distant memories with little sense of what life is and how He came to us.  Most of us today are not “shepherds in the fields.”  We live in a land of plenty.Our whole land and life has become about “Me.”  Yet oddly we are also a giving people.

We see war, sickness and death all around us.  We talk endlessly about this troubled world we live in.  Debating, arguing, blaming and fighting. Even when we play.  We lie, cheat, steal, covet and even murder one another.  Makings laws and demanding our rights. All this forgetting, denying, ignoring what this season is for.  Hearts grown cold.

I realize these are generalizations, but they also carry truth in this kingdom we live and see all around us.

But I have “Good News.”

There is a Spirit that has been poured out on all flesh.  There is a kingdom we can not and do not see.  It is a kingdom where peace and love abound endlessly.  It is not just a kingdom and spirit that is to come.  It is here now!!  We live in it now because we to are spirit. My flesh does not see it.  Nor can it do so.  Nor does it want to.  My flesh is not who I am, what I experience and what it does.  It came into this world by the breath of God and it will leave when the breath of God is taken.  I know because I have seen.

The “Kingdom of God, The Kingdom of Heaven” is in us now and forever.  I know not just because I have read it in the “Book.” I know because when it pleased God, He revealed Himself in me.  This world and  my flesh are falling apart, but none of it can touch me for it is not of His world in which I live.

Merry Christmas