Through A Storm . . . .  .

Over the past year it has been increasingly difficult to maintain my balance and walking.  Making it difficult to climb the highest peaks for that “perfect shot”, or getting down the ground and then getting up.  If I didn’t know better I would wonder if I am becoming and alcoholic.  My wife finally convinced me to go see a doctor.  Yuk!  Whew!  Sure glad I don’t drink too much.  But only to find that I have a progressive disease that gradually diminishes my ability to move about. So off to get some help to chase that photo. So now I have to do a bunch of silly exercises that either make me sick or wiped out.

One of the exercises is to walk the line, toe to toe to see if I have been drinking (just kidding). It is only one of several exercises to improve my balance.

Well I had an interesting experience this week through which our Lord got my attention.  More on that in a moment.  When I tried walking that line toe to toe looking down at the line – I kept falling over.  I couldn’t do it.  Then my wife asked me to look up straight ahead and try again. To my amazement I literally took off across the room.  Almost instantly our Lord reminded me of and event He had with the disciples all those long years ago while He was  here.  He was giving me my own experience (like Peter’s).

When Peter got out of the boat in the midst of the storm after Jesus bid him come –  He did.  As he looked Jesus in the eye he started to walk on the water int the midst of the storm. taking several steps He was walking on top of the water.  In the midst of a storm.  But then he suddenly realized what he was doing and looked down at the water.( my line on the floor.)  We as you may know he became afraid and began sinking into the water, ( I fell over.) With this experience now comes the revelation.

Like you perhaps, my life is full of storms from time to time.  As long as I keep my head above all the distractions of this world I live in and keep my the eyes of my heart on my Lord I not only walk, I laugh a lot.  But let look down and around me and I fall down into that dark place ( mad, sad and scared.)

So I want you to know that when you see my photos I am attempting to encourage you to look around you and see His Glory ( His presence,and praises.) For when I soak in what I see, I come to peace and rest. I long for you too to know His peace and rest.

I was reminded yesterday of a song I used to hear a lot a long time ago.  I haven’t heard it in years.  Here is a you tube link where you can listen to the song. It is very encouraging.