Here is our thanksgiving story.

The day before thanksgiving, as I went out the door of my house, there was woman making her way to the bottom of the stairs with a few sacks of groceries. So I stopped to give her a hand up the stairs, wished her a Happy Thanksgiving and went on my way.
Later that evening as Cheryl and I sat watching some TV, there came a knock at our door. When I opened the door, there stood the woman I had seen earlier in the day. The woman, I will call (Laughter) had a huge smile and a sheepish look on her face.
Laughter proceeded to tell us that she couldn’t get her oven to work and had a turkey to cook. So after a few minutes of “Oh My” Cheryl offered to cook it for her. We arranged to cook the turkey in the morning, since we were not going to cook one because we were going over to spend the day with our family.
We found our selves  amused and commented on how you just never know or what the Father in His providence is up to. Later when off to bed, we wondered if she would show up in the morning. But sure enough in the morning there came a knock at our door.
As I opened the door there stood Laughter with a big smile on here face a giggle and a large roasting pan full of turkey. So we invited Laughter in.
With the turkey in the oven we sat down for a bit, get to know each other.
After finding that she too was a believer, we spent a delightful time sharing our stories.
Later — When the turkey was done we called her down. We spent another hour chatting about our faith and what we were doing for the holiday.
Came time to wish her well and I offered to take the turkey upstairs for her.
As we approached Laughter’s door a neighbor was near by that Laughter knew and called to her to come into the house with us.
It was then that I learned that Laughter, who calls herself a “vegetarian” had bought the Turkey to share with her neighbor and friend who are a young couple just getting started in life. It is  Laughter and her neighbor next door, who live above us.
So now you to can see how our Father’s providential hand reached out to us and our neighbors that we might come together to give Him thanks and bless one another.
Father had ordered the whole day for us to praise Him.  To bring perfect strangers together.
I don’t know who has more joy.
Then we went off to spend the day with our new family and had a joyful day. None of which could happen had not our Father’s love for us and Christ willingness pay the cost to restore our life with Them.
WoW — Father!! Let your Glory be seen and heard over all the earth.