It seems to me these days in the midst of all the afflictions, from personal to global,  I hear a lot of demanding of “my rights”. Americans seem to believe they are entitled.   Cries for justice. Cries for help. If not – then I hear a lot of “finding fault” – Attacking someones character —  and if that is not enough there is all the protesting, raging, rebellion stealing,rapes and killing of both good and evil.  Daily the six o’clock news reports of lying, corruptions, bombings and Governments that aren’t able to govern.

Forever there has been this battle over “the Law.”  If I don’t like it and it does not seem to be working – I change it.

Have I not learned that the “Law” doesn’t work?  In fact the “Law” only makes this life worse and kills.

So- where am I in all of this chaos, confusion, ever increasing noise, overwhelming growing tech-knowledge. Where am I with a world that is racing faster and beyond me and my ability to keep up?

The church at large where I am living tells me of the Salvation, the restoration, the reconciliation I have in what my Father and Christ did for all of mankind.  And so He did.

It cost Him and  His Sons Life.  He came and lived the life I live everyday for over thirty years and then because I didn’t like what I saw it is going to cost me — I (We) killed Him with no concern of His cost. I don’t hear that taught much in the church of today.

I hear of lot of what my Father and Christ will do for me.  The blessings, healings of my flesh, all my carnal and spiritual needs He longs to give.  I hear all the cries of Help me, heal me, deliver me and protect me from all the afflictions of this life I am living.  I want more and more of you. I hear that this life can be great and that we can someday bring peace and new life in and on this world.

Am I forever to focus on me and this life I live here.  Am I to forever cry about my afflictions, pain, agony and injustice I live?  How long will I wine?  Do I even give thought of who my Father and His Son really are, what they think and care about?  How long will I demand that He show me where the rocks are in this deep water of life I find myself? I cry out “Come Holy Spirit”.  You are all I want.  You are I need.

I rarely seem to realize that my Father has already hears and answered my cries. I rarely seem to realize the truth of, He is already in me.  I rarely seem to realize I am already living in His kingdom and that His kingdom is being established in :All flesh”. Both good and evil.  But all of this does comes at a price to me too. Christ came and shows me both the price he paid and what it cost me to follow Him.  Will I do it anyway?

It will cost me the one thing I don’t want to give.  Namely the cost of “myself.” The cost of giving up my rights to myself. It will cost me everything I am, like the man above.

Have I laid me down and taken Christ hand, walking with Him sharing with Him all the afflictions of this life with no complaining or grumbling?  Have I laid done all of my “yes but” and arguments of His call to me?  Have I found the His Joy in my afflictions? Has my Father revealed Himself in me?

I give you a resounding Yes! He has ,I just don’t always live it.  But whether I live this new life for everyone to see –He has done a good work in me and will continue until He has completed it in me.  He has already revealed His purposes and plans, already made plain to me.  What He rarely reveals to me is the working of His hands in my walk with Him.  We call it today “providence.  What He asks of me – Am I willing to hold His hand and walk with Him without knowing.  Something he calls “Trust”. Trust in who He is, not just what he does or reveals to me.

I thank Him anyway, I praise him anyway. I thank Him for these afflictions I live that I might know Him and comfort someone else.

I know now that ” I have the mind of Christ.”  I see what He sees and hears. All He is asking me to do is follow Him that He might accomplish His purpose and plans in me and His kingdom.  That is His job, not mine.  “My work is to believe in the one whom He has sent.”

So now I laugh, cry, sing for joy and walk in this creation of  His. Make a few images of His creation to share with you and remind you that ” All creation declares His Glory without saying a word.” To remind, encourage you and tell those who don’t yes realize Him in this fallen world we are living in today.

The first word in the definition of Love is “Be patient”. The Greek rendering of the word patient is –“long suffering”.  Are you willing?  I need your help as we follow Him.