Santa Fe Trail Prairie

There have been many, many times in my life that I wondered if there was a God . . . particularly in the devastatingly hard times. I simply could not see or hear Him.  I did not know or understand this God.

Years later after I had become a Christian- I still hear those struggles in the lives of fellow believers. It saddens me.  Yet I too have those moments.  So what do I do?  How do I keep going and then there are all the unanswered question?  Well — How did I become a believer in the first place?

As the Apostle Paul tells me – “When it pleased God to reveal Himself in me. . . .When I cried out – When I in desperation cried out.  When I had no more answers -nowhere to go that I had not been before.  No thought I had not heard before.  He answered. . . .

Inside me where I have lived alone all of my life. Where no one has ever been, I heard these words – “The criteria as to whether I exist does not depend on whether you believe or not”

Immediately came the realization (revelation) that He heard my cry.  With that realization came another realization and  I cried out — “There is a God!”  And He is in me.

Now I know I have His mind.  I can see and hear what He does.  He is always with me and in me.  He has not only “walked a mile in my shoes” – but all of my life and before me.

I know Him because He became like me from my birth to my yet to come passing,- returning to Him and where He is.  He cried out like me. He bled like me.  Being a man on a cross He cried out for a God you and I do not see feeling forsaken and then telling our Father “Into your hands commit my Spirit.”  And so I would know the truth, the way, the life — Father raised Him up and He walked among those who had walked with Him.

Now He walks with me and like the wind,  I see the work of His hand in my day to day life. And so now I give Him thanks for every day, yielding myself to Him that He might make Himself known to you.

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