For the first time in human history, an Image of Earth was shared around the Globe.

Taken by the first time by any human, off planet in space from the moon no less. This event was happening on Christmas from the 1968 Apollo 8 Mission. The first man mission into space beyond orbital flights of Earth. Man was truly leaving Earth- All he has ever known.

This link is my account after seeing this image.

Here is that image.

                  Earth Rise from the Moon!

the fist time

The Apollo 8 crew and ground control realizing the calendar season, began to think that perhaps the flight crew might share a Christmas message from space.

As they pondered the message, in the end the message was  “From the Beginning.”  So when it came time to share the message we heard these words– “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. …. ” And continued the creation account from Genesis.

As I pondered the image and words, letting them sink in- I began a journey to the very depths of my being and space. A journey only my Lord could take me on.

As Christmas approached, the world around me has traveled so far from  my Father’s message. The message is often lost to the masses of humanity.  I have most often look at Christmas from my Christian point of view.  So when I was that little boy,  My first question to my best friend was, “What did you get for Christmas?  With no thought of God or His son other than a funny story I learned in church.

Suddenly My Father opened my eyes to the reality of Christmas from Their point of view.  I am suddenly stopped still, speechless.  All I can muster is. “Speak Father.”

This not a story.  It is an account of my time with my Father and Lord this Christmas.

I look at this image.  Surrounded by an endless sea of black with only the surface of the moon beneath me — I see this beautiful blue ball. My Father shows me that this is the total of my life as I know it. This blue ball is the total existence of my kind and my Creator.

He has lifted me in this spaceship with my companions to the moon only to turn us around to see what My Father and Lord see, from even before man’s beginning. They have been watching over us, from our beginning.  Thousands of years separated, from our Father and Lord.

I am getting my first glimpse of Christmas, the place that my Lord came to  this blue ball just like me. I see what They see, and for the first time in my life, I see the complete picture of Christmas.  My view and my Father and Sons view. I know for the first time the truth and reality of, I am in Him, He is in me, and with Him in His Kingdom.

How do I know that all of this is  real? Because a short time ago My Lord came to me and said to me —

“In your world, (pointing to me )Parkinson’s is just another word for living. I my world (pointing to Himself.)  The word Parkinson’s doesn’t exist. Then turning back to and pointing to me He said, and you are not sick.”  My realization?  I am a spirit like my Father and His Son.  I am eternal and alive!

This seventy two year old form is kept only by the breath of my Lord.  It has been judged and in a short time will turn to ashes and the dust from which it came.

So with the Son’s coming some two thousand year ago, we were given a gift.  And thirty some years time for us to get to know Him.  The reality of His gift, my Father’s love and forgiveness, breathing new life into me by His Spirit, making me a new creation.

By my believing I have become reconciled to Them. The full meaning of Christmas shown me this year. It is His entrance into my world to one day be in His.

“Joy to the world and peace on earth”