With the start of a new year, this one stands out more than most for a long time. But as it approached I didn’t give it much of my attention. Then suddenly it is here, 20/20, and I find myself in at the place in my life I have always been. It is a question I have never known or what to answer.  What do I want be . . . . . when I grow up . . . . . what is my dream about me . . . .. about life? I have never had a dream come to mind or I could see or think about until now.  With the end of the last day of this year, this sunset  beyond the stormy days is on fire with the promise of new life.  I have not only a dream, but the knowing of real life for the first time.




At church last week there came this discussion of the new year with the numbers 20/20.  Some wanted to consider all the possible great promises of life that God will bring.  At the other end the year all the fears that this horrible life might bring.  A pretty typical conversation at the new year,   But for me and the first time in my life came the answer.

With the numbers came a word — “Vision.”  In other words  20/20 vision.  Almost instantly I knew these words were more than just the normal words.  I knew they were from the Lord for me.  So now I sit with my  Lord in silence in this meadow, wait and ponder Him.

He is my dream, my life.  A clearing of my vision of Life that I have ever known.  A 20/20 vision of me, my Lord and His Kingdom.  I am apart of eternal life. Christ in me and me in Christ.


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