On Georgia Pass

I spent a night on the Continental Divide one day this week.  It was a new moon night and I was hoping to get some practice images of the “Milky Way”.  However the weather did not cooperate with me.  I experienced some rain showers with a little thunder and lighting.  So around midnight I rolled over and went to sleep.

“His Mercies are new every morning . . .”

I awoke to a new beautiful morning with mountains surrounding me and the morning dew still wet beneath my feet.  All still and quiet.  Not a sound.  Not a wispier of wind. Not a sound of man save my breathing. I sat down with  cup of coffee soaking in the view you see above.  The silence of creation declaring His Glory.

I am always left with,  “Be still and know that I am God.”  The grandeur of the landscape leaving me breathless. Here I sit at almost twelve thousand feet and still mountains rise! But there is so much more that can go unnoticed.

At my feet all around me are the most deli quit little flowers.  Some barely above the ground and these little “Blue Bells” only about four inches above the ground.

Blue Bells on the Hill

They are so small I have to lay me and the camera on the ground to really take notice.  These tiniest of flowers cover the meadows around me.  So small and fragile among this rugged landscape with cold well below zero in winter and hurricane winds at times.  Torrential down pours of rain and snow measured in feet – all in the same place.

This s why I come.  To leave the sound of man and his fight with over the heavens. To set and soak in the sovereignty and glory of His presence all around and in me.  From the grandeur to the sublime and smallest of details. So alive, remind me that I too am alive made in the image of my Creator, my Father!

So I share and leave you with these images of that morning, hoping that you too will take some time and reach out to Father and Son, for without them, you would not “Know.”